Volume 10 Number 1 (Jan. 2019)

Published Print + Online, on 17 th Jan. 2019, on http://biosciencediscovery.com and http://jbsd.in
Volume 10, Number 1, Jan. - 2019 Volume is available online 17 th Jan. 2018
Edited by Chief Editor, Dr. Umesh P. Mogle, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Botany, J. E. S. College, Jalna (M. S.) India
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1 Kaempferia attapeuensis Picheans. & Koonterm(Zingiberaceae) - A new record of medicinal plant species for VietNam
Nguyen Hoang Tuan, Nguyen The Hien, Nguyen Danh Duc
01-4 Abstract Research Article pdf
2 Momordiocarpon deccanii gen.et.sp.nov.A petrified berry fruit form the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of Mohagaonkalan, Chindwara District, Madhya Pradesh, India
Deshmukh R. N. and P. S. Kokate
05-09 Abstract Research Article pdf
3 First record of Curcuma sparganiifolia Gagnep. (Zingiberaceae) from Vietnam
Th?-Liên Tr?n, Ng?c-Giang Cao, Minh-Ng?c Tr?n, Minh-Kh?i Nguy?n, Van-Long Hà, Ng?c-Sâm Lý
10-15 Abstract Research Article pdf
4 PHB production with bacteria isolated from cardboard industry soil
Nausheen Sadaf and D. C. Kamthane
16-20 Abstract Research Article pdf
5 Identification of restorers and maintainers from newly developed inbreds in sunflower
Dudhe M. Y., A. R. G. Ranganatha and A. Vishnuvardhan Reddy
21-24 Abstract Research Article pdf
6 Studies on phytochemical analysis and bioactivity of selected medicinal plant of Clitoria ternatea. L. 
Anitha Devi U, Odelu G, Rajendra Prasad B, Sammaiah D.and Ugandhar T
25-30 Abstract Research Article pdf
7 Cyanophycean Algal Flora From Arable Land Soils of Rahuri Tahasil District Ahmednagar (M.S.) India
Jadhav S. R. and S. M. Talekar
31-35 Abstract Research Article pdf
8 A study on toxicity of organophosphorous pesticides on cynobacterium Westiellopsis prolifica Janet
Vijayakanth P., V. Ravi V. and O. Sivapriya O.
36-42 Abstract Research Article pdf
9 Diatoms of Cement Industry Waste Water
Devgude R. N and Talekar S. M.
43-45 Abstract Research Article pdf

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